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The new Indonesian Patent Law

In step with the national aim of transforming the biggest economy in South-East Asia from a national economy into a competitive regional market leader, on August 26, 2016, the President of the Republic of Indonesia signed into effect the draft of Law number 13 of the year 2016 regarding Patents.


While the new Patent Law, with its 172 articles, cannot stand alone and needs several implementing regulations to support it, patent law in Indonesia has become much more comprehensive than ever before. Processes have been streamlined across the board, and several much-needed legal mechanisms have been put in place.


With ChapterOne-IP, you have the right partner in navigating these new regulations. On top of that, with us, you get the full spectrum of patent services, best-in-class in-house translations, and a roster of patent attorneys and specialists with decades of international industry experience who understand what it takes to preserve the inventor’s vision.


We would be glad to discuss how we can help you get the most out of the patent protection system in Indonesia.

Our Patent Specialists

Our Patent Team features Patent Specialists who are experts in their respective fields and have the extensive industry experience that is imperative to preserve the inventor's vision. Some of the sectors that are covered by our Patent Specialists are:

Mechanical & Automotive Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Applied Physics & Material Sciences

Applied Chemistry



Industrial and Manufacturing Technology

Medical Technology

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