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03. Annuities / Renewals

Annuities & Renewals

Fulfilling annuities and renewals are crucial not only for maintaining your IP’s protection status but also for their enforceability. In Indonesia, these obligations should be taken seriously since failure to fulfill your annuities and renewals may automatically lead to your IP being void.


That is why partnering up with a single IP Service that can manage your portfolio’s annuities and renewals is always a good idea. This will save you much hassle and certainly minimizes operational and financial risks.


Our specially trained team gladly assists you if you want to transfer the handling of the annuities and renewals of your existing IP Portfolio. Once you have signed up with us, we will continuously monitor your portfolio and inform you promptly and reliably of upcoming obligations. We can also help you settle your Annuities and Renewals directly to the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property office.


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