The Indonesian Intellectual Property Service

Trademark / Industrial Design

Trademark and Industrial Design

Our Trademark and Industrial Design (Design) Team advises our clients (private persons or corporations) on registrability of a Trademark/Design application in order to ensure that a Trademark/Design is properly registered at a Trademark office.

Our Trademark/Design Attorneys also provide counseling to our clients whether any legal risks are involved with adopting a certain slogan, word, or logo, or whether a potential mark may violate the rights of another person and entity. Our Trademark Attorneys and Design Attorneys have expertise in counseling our corporate clients in developing marks and designs, from product or service development phase to registration phase.

Services of our Trademark/Design Attorneys include Trademark/Design portfolio management, commercialization, valuation, and contract drafting/negotiation relating to Trademark/Design.

The Trademark and Industrial Design Department is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Searching for Trademarks and Industrial Designs
  • Filing and prosecution of Trademark and Design applications worldwide
  • Renewal support of Trademark and Design (limited in some countries) applications worldwide
  • Filing oppositions and appeals, and responding to other office actions
  • Recording of Transfer of Assignments, Licenses etc
  • Trademark/Design watching services
  • Translation services relating to Trademark/Design
  • Court proceedings (cancellations, infringement cases etc)

Our Trademark/Design Attorneys represent our clients in oppositions and appeals (trademark), and closely support our Trademark Lawyers/IP Lawyers in preparation for litigation processes.

(Note: According to Indonesian (Trade)mark Law, the correct general term is “mark”, so that there are Trade Mark and Service Mark. Here we are using the term “Trademark” instead of the general term “mark”).