The Indonesian Intellectual Property Service


Patent and PCT National Phase of Indonesia

Our Patent Team represents a perfect combination of legal expertise and technology knowledge. The Patent Team is responsible for searching, drafting, filing and prosecution of local and global patent and utility model applications, including PCT National Phase of Indonesia. Our service includes responding to any office actions related to patent filing process, recording of transfer or assignment, licensing etc, and translation services relating to patent.

Our Patent Attorneys advise our clients (private persons or corporations) as well on patentability of an invention, contractual matters and agreements relating to patent (cooperation, licensing etc), patent management and strategy, patent commercialization and valuation, as on infringement cases.

Our Patent Attorneys represent our clients in oppositions and appeals, and support closely our Patent Lawyers in preparation for litigation processes.

We strive for a perfect translation of patent specification

The biggest problem on filing of patents in foreign countries is poor translations due to lack of understanding of patented innovation technologies, and due to lack of proofreading as well as editing after a translation process. We at ChapterOne-IP will not have that problem, since as well our IP Attorneys as our Patent Team members have technical understanding and related technical background and technical expertise to most patented innovation technologies, and additionally, our Patent Attorney and Patent experts always do proofreading and editing to any translated patent descriptions, claims etc.