Legal Matters

IP Legal matters of Indonesia

Indonesia is a member of WTO, ratified TRIPs Agreement through Law no. 7/1994 regarding the Ratification of the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization. Furthermore, Indonesia ratified the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organizations (Presidential Decree no. 15/1997). According to old Indonesian Patent Law (the Law no. 14/2011) as well as the new Patent Law (the Law no. 13/2016), the term of Patent protection is 20 years from filing date. Indonesia ratified Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and Regulation under the PCT (Pres. Decree no. 16/1997). According to old Trademark Law (the Law no. 15/2001) as well as the new Trademark Law and Geographical Indication (the Law no. 20/2016), the term of Trademark protection is 10 years from filing date and renewable. Indonesia ratified Trademark Law Treaty (Pres. Decree no. 17/1997), but not yet ratified Madrid Protocol concerning the International Registration of Marks and Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks. Indonesia IP Office is currently using the Nice Classification 10th ed. Current Industrial Design Law is no. 31/2000. Design protection is 10 years from filing date. Indonesia is currently using Locarno classification. Current Indonesian Copyright law is Law no. 28/2014 (previously, the Law no. 19/2002). Indonesia has ratified Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Presidential Decree no. 18/1997); WIPO Copyrights Treaty (WCT) (Presidential Decree no. 19/1997) Current Indonesian Layout (Topography) of Integrated Circuit Law is no. 32/2000. Protection is for 10 years from filing date or from the first date of exploitation. Current Indonesian Trade Secret Law is no. 30/2000.