The Firm

We are specialized in Intellectual Property

ChapterOne-IP is an Intellectual Property service firm, located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
Protection of IP Rights in Indonesia means protection of your business in the country and the region. Therefore, ChapterOne-IP works in partnership with its clients to understand their business and to meet their needs for protection of their IP assets.
Facing the challenge of our clients’ regional and global business needs, ChapterOne-IP teams continuously keep the high standard of our IP expertise by systematically keeping track of the most recent developments in IP practice. It will ensure us that our clients’ technical innovations, trademarks and designs are well protected. In a closed cooperation with our clients we will be able to achieve efficient and effective solutions of any IP matters for the benefit of our clients.
Our lean organization enables us to customize and personalize our services as well as to response to our clients’ need in a fast and flexible way. This also enables us to offer our best services at a very competitive price.

The Team

We are at your service for your IP protection in Indonesia. Our attorneys (patent agents, trademark/design agents) are graduates of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Academy of the University of Indonesia and registered as IP attorneys before the Indonesian IP Office. By law, as certified and registered attorneys, we had been appointed and inaugurated under oath by the Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights. Our patent team is highly qualified with technical expertise and experienced in a wide range of technical fields, and each of us has a bachelor or master degree in engineering or science. Our trademark/design team has significant experience across a variety of industry sectors to serve the needs of our diverse client base as well private persons as enterprises. Our IP Lawyers serve our clients in litigation of IP rights, and are registered as lawyers before the Indonesian civil and criminal courts.

Managing Partner: Dipl.-Ing. Rohaldy Muluk

[Graduated from department/faculty of Physical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Berlin, Germany; and the Indonesian Intellectual Property Academy of the University of Indonesia. Work experience in abroad and in Indonesia, in management and technical fields such as in automotive industry. A seasoned patent and technical translator]